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  1. Good evening,

    First of all thanks a lot for this great app.
    In my search to create a tracking page on our website I searched for a simple app that could send the location directly to our server and also worked in background.
    SendLocation is exactly what I needed.
    Background updating is still not 100% clear to me. Sometimes it sends data only when I move from one cell to another (+/-15km) with no speed and heading, sometimes it sends each 10 seconds all info (with the app still closed)

    One feature request, a parameter that determines how often in a minute the app sends the data.

    Best regards and keep up the good work,
    The Netherlands

    1. It’s really unclear to me too. Apple has given really limited options for developers on this. I hope it gets better some day!

      1. The latest version you distributed works a lot more consistent now.
        I use the setting “use frequent background updating” which gives all data per point pretty frequent.
        Do you know what the maximum update frequency is in this case?
        Thanks for the great development. Appreciate it a lot and helps our foundation a lot. Will show you the implementation soon on our website. Still doing some tests at this moment.
        Regards Maurice

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